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Material Design System

for design & development with Angular / React material kit

This customizable and scalable design system kit recommended for prototyping & development with material frameworks:,


Made with symbols /

This design system is based on components / symbol-elements. Simply change the instance for every element. Custom ghost-buttons / gradient-buttons included.


Grouped with pages and

Colors and Backgrounds

Made as symbols / components allows quick and simple customization


Flat, Raised, FAB, Ghost, Iconic and even Gradient buttons

Text fields

This design system contains classic inputs better for web


200+ frequent material icons crafted and sorted as components / symbols


Custom layouts with 24px rounded corners and default

Navigation drawer

Every color fits the navigation. It's great to have a choice


Customized with 24px rounded corners, defaults available

over 240+ components

and more categories with

Application bar, Avatars, Badges, Bottom navigation, Buttons, Cards, Chips, Dialogs, Drawers, Expansion panels, Grids, Lists, Menus, Modals, Pickers, Selection controls, Snackbars, Steppers, Tables, Tabs, Text fields, Inputs, Tooltips shaped with care in 8pt grid

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100% compatible with
100% compatible with
This design system
was made for Figma