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Got a serious project? Let's build together

We design in Figma & Webflow using the top-notch UX expertise and lay down the code in React, Vue, Angular, Flutter and Swift.
We rely on our Figma resources to design custom applications and validate UI and UX ideas faster.
We use all popular stacks to build your MVPs faster with focus on simple user flows and accessibility.
We assist to spread the words out about your product. SEO, SMM, our newsletter, ProductHunt launch, etc.

Our capabilities

Looking for other tech stack? No problem, just let us know

We reuse our Figma templates to design faster, as we have huge bundle of pre-made UX patterns crafted.
We develop React web applications and complex interfaces based on Tailwind, MUI, Chakra-UI, Bluieprint.js, etc.
We realise enterprise cloud-based Angular and Java/SpringBoot back-end solutions. Cloud Founrdy, Netlify, etc.
We code mobile for iOS & Android and web apps with growing fast Flutter mobile framework by Google.
We do a craft in Webflow. Landing pages, stores and eCommerce, even for serious dashboards we are capable of.
We develop Android mobile applications using Jetpack Compose based library for beautiful user interface. Based on XelaUI design system.
We lay down the code for native iOS apps. XelaUI is SwiftUI based library for beautiful user interface in iOS apps.
We assist to spread words out about your product. We utilize our followers, newsletter, blog, social media, SEO, etc to drive your app a traffic.

Start with UI design

Pick a preferred Figma UI kit to use as a source for app design

Material Me
Material X
Appka iOS
Full iOS
Material You design system UI kit for Figma
Material Design 3 kit
Material Me UI kit is a web-optimized design system with 2600+ variants for 32 components and 220+ ready-to-use app layouts crafted for Figma. Based on Material Design 3 (aka Material You) guidelines, this design system enhanced with Tailwind CSS colors and uses Readex Pro font, which is free and similar to Google Sans.
Material X design system
1100+ components & 40 app templates beyond Material Design. Powered by top-notch shapes and Manrope font. Customizable & Adjustable UI kit. Easy to change fonts and swap colors. Modify and reuse the templates to save time and human resources. Suit your mobile or desktop app with Material-X styled components from the nearest future.
Appka UI kit for iOS
Appka is a customizable & adjustable iOS design system with 4100+ variants for 28 components and 280+ ready-to-use app layouts crafted for Figma. You can edit, modify, or use them as it is to save time and never design from scratch again. Contains dark & light themes, based on free font Archivo.
Full iOS design system
3300+ variants of 100+ components to craft perfectly shaped iOS apps. Powered by Figma auto-layout 3.0, Apple's native styleguides and free Apple's SF Pro font with original latest SF Symbols. Customizable & Adjustable mobile design system with 320 ready-to-use app layouts. You can modify them or use as it is to save time and never design from scratch again.
XELA Design System
1900+ variants of 30 components categories to craft perfectly shaped desktop & mobile apps. Powered by Figma auto-layout 3.0, modern styleguides and free Nunito Sans font. Customizable & Adjustable dashboard design system with 50+ ready-to-use app layouts. You can modify them or use as it is to save time and never design from scratch again.
Zeus Web UI kit
Zeus UI is a multipurpose web design system to create hassle-free landing pages in Figma. Based on 10 landing page templates, powered by 1600+ variants for 16 components and 630+ wireframe blocks. Equipped with free fonts (OFL) which are hosted at Google fonts.
Orion Charts UI kit
Orion UI kit is a Figma library with 40+ full-width charts templates served in light & dark themes. Contains 200+ of dataviz widgets that look perfect on desktop & mobile screens. Organized as a design system for Figma and supported with 500 components based on auto-layout.
Figma React UI kit
Figma React UI kit designed in Figma and exported to React to build web apps faster. Based on restyled Blueprint.js library. Powered by Figma's auto-layout. Contains 3700+ variants of 31 styled-components. Organized & named to match between design & code, with Auto-layout & Variants. Additionally loaded with 60+ design templates in Figma coded by React.

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No design risks — you already know what UI design to expect. We save human/hours by quickstarting a project within fine collection of ready-made templates. Our Figma resources cover all possible states, cases and UX flows ever invented in visual interfaces.

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