Figma Dashboard Templates & UI kits

Save time and human resources by reusing hundreds of pre-made templates crafted by us. Based on top notch UX taken from the World's best apps.

Orion UI kit

Figma library with 40+ full-width charts templates served in light & dark themes. Contains 200+ of dataviz widgets that look perfect on desktop & mobile screens.

Figma Charts UI kit

Components-driven graphs design kit for dashboards, presentations, infographics & data visualisation. Includes 25+ charts types for all the viewports.

Nucleus UI

Nucleus UI contains 1000 components and variants with 500+ mobile screens designed for Figma (including 9 themes from Event, E-commerce, Finance, NFT, etc.).

Material X for Figma

Figma library with 1100+ components & 40 app templates beyond Material Design. Powered by top-notch shapes and Manrope font. Customizable & Adjustable UI kit now available for Angular & Figma

Material You UI kit

Figma & React library with 2600+ variants of 32 components compatible with Material Design 3. Plus 220+ dashboard templates for all the viewports. Now available for NextJS & TailwindCSS.

Figma React UI kit

Designed and well-organized in Figma React-based UI toolkit for the web. Optimized for building complex data-dense interfaces for desktop and mobile applications.

Panda Design System

Figma library with dashboard, calendar, kanban, profile, table, ecommerce and 80+ templates in total. Components with variants, dark theme included.

Eclipse UI kit

Figma library with 1100+ components & 74 templates for data-driven web applications. Powered by auto-layout. Supercharged by Figma's variants.

Rome UI kit for Figma

Customizable and well-organized team library. Contains 250+ components & 30 web app templates powered by stylish and trendy guidelines.

Material Design System

Figma library is based on 100% guidelines compliance with Contains ready‑to-use templates to accelerate app UI design.

Neolex Dashboard UI kit

Customizable & adjustable dashboard design system with 50+ ready-to-use app layouts, 1900+ variants for 30 components with auto-layout.

Zeus UI kit

Create hassle-free landing pages in Figma. This kit is based on 10 landing page templates, powered by 1600+ variants for 630+ web blocks.

Figma Landing Pages UI kit

Landing pages templates library based on constrained & organized components aimed to speed-up the production of effective websites.

Mobile X UI kit

Customizable & adjustable iOS / Android design system loaded with ready-made 157 app templates based on 860+ variants for 20 components.

Appka iOS UI kit

Customizable & adjustable iOS design system with 4100+ variants for 28 components and 280+ ready-to-use app layouts crafted for Figma.

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Why do we need UI kits: Our customer's redesign case study for ecommerce

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Avatar UI design exploration — The states of userpic component

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Buttons UI design – Comprehensive tutorial on UX, styles and usability

Create intuitive and accessible buttons that seamlessly enhance user interaction, with a focus on style and feedback. Design with SEO optimization in mind.

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Do you regret your career in graphic design? Let's find a renewal

Revamp your graphic design portfolio with current industry trends and reignite your passion for your career. Find fulfillment in your work again with a little help and inspiration.


Logo design ideas for creating a lasting visual identity

Create an effective logo with our guide, perfect for graphic designers, marketing professionals, and brand design agencies. Capture the essence of any brand with design principles.

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Stressful phrases from clients in graphic design hated by designers

Learn how to manage client demands, set boundaries, and establish clear communication strategies to keep your design projects on track.

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iOS 17 design trends: More depth and shadows in Apple's mobile GUI

Experience the enhanced user interface design of iPhones and iPads with iOS 17, featuring increased use of shadows and depth for a more immersive, tactile experience.


Filter UI Design: Tips and best practices for filtering UX flow

Improve UX and navigation efficiency with a well-designed filter system for complex data sets and product catalogs. Learn the secrets to enhanced user satisfaction in UI design.


Difference Between Quality Control And Quality Assurance

Discover the differences between quality control and quality assurance and how they impact product and service excellence.


Designers are worrying about the future: AI's impact on graphic UI design

Discover the impact of AI technology in design with Firefly at Adobe. Explore the opportunities, challenges, and responsible practices that come with this transformative era.


Dropdown UI design – A guide for Anatomy, UX tips, and Use cases

Optimize Dropdowns for your brand, custom theming options, and accessibility best practices. Create captivating user experiences and enhance brand persona with design adventure.


18 design & developer resources to boost your productivity and creativity

Discover a wide range of design resources including texture and gradient generators, beautiful fonts, Figma plugins, AI tools, and much more for all your creative needs.

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After the successful purchase via Gumroad (it's safe and encrypted) you will be taken to a download page. You will also get the download link in your email (check the SPAM folder sometimes). Then just simply drag and drop .FIG file onto your Figma app. Do not drop it onto the project. Drop it over the starting screen with recent projects grid.

l am new to Figma. Should I try your kits?

Definitely! Our products help customers who learning Figma from scratch. By exploring and studying commercial UI kits you learn how the components and layouts were crafted, which styles being used and which styling tricks have been applied.

How to import your kits?

Which license type should I choose?

You must select the proper license type according to the number of users in Figma if you're purchasing our product for the business.

Business license — for startups or enterprise organizations to use for a local team or publish in Figma library.
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Can I build commercial proiects with your products?

Yes! You can build an unlimited amount of commercial projects using Setproduct assets. But, please, consider a license type before making a purchase.

I have a project. Can I hire you?

We're open-minded to your custom design & development projects. We can create complex templates based on our Figma libraries and code them in the production using a wide variety of popular frameworks and technologies.

If you have a project to design & develop, simply contact us describing your brief, budget, and expectations.

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We provide discounts for those, who scrolled to the bottom and revealed our proposal. Just drop us a message with a short story about how you plan to use our product and we will give you a ✨30% off coupon for the upcoming purchase. Please, provide a specific product name you've put your eye on.