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Mobile app templates

Native and custom iOS & Android UI kits with frequent app patterns designed for Figma

Appka iOS kit

Appka is a customizable & adjustable iOS design system with 4100+ variants for 28 components and 280+ ready-to-use app layouts crafted for Figma. You can edit, modify, or use them as it is to save time and never design from scratch again. Contains dark & light themes.

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iOS UI kit

3300+ variants of 100+ components to craft perfectly shaped iOS apps. Powered by Figma auto-layout and Apple's native styleguides. Customizable & Adjustable mobile design system with 320 ready-to-use app layouts. Well-organized library to help you learn Figma and take your UI design skill to the next level.

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Material Design 3

Material Me UI kit is a web-optimized design system with 2600+ variants for 32 components and 220+ ready-to-use app layouts. Based on Material You guidelines, this design system enhanced with Tailwind CSS colors and uses Readex Pro font, which is free and similar to Google Sans.

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Xela SwiftUI kit

Xela UIKit focuses on beautiful user experience and UX application interoperability. It's easy to learn and integrate with your projects. Contains no dependencies on other libraries or frameworks. The library uses native elements from SwiftUI. Designed in Figma. All inclusive.

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Mobile–X UI kit

Mobile design system for Figma. Cross-compatible & stylish UI kit that fits both iOS / Android apps. Based on iOS specs adopted to 8dp grid. Contains a huge collection of hi-end components with Auto-layout, styled into dark & light themes via Variants.

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Material Design 2

Material design library for Figma is based on 100% guidelines compliance and contains an impressive amount of scalable and constrained components to accelerate the application development in both of light & dark interfaces.

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Rome UI kit

250+ components & 30 templates for desktop & mobile apps. Powered by clean and trendy custom guidelines and DM Sans font. Customizable & Adjustable UI kit. 10 popular categories: Analytics, Calendar, Crypto, Ecommerce, Inputs, Kanban, Messenger, Sales, Search, Tables and growing.

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S8 Modular UI kit

This Figma design system is based on modular principles and dedicated to design mobile and desktop responsive apps by reusing the same components and instances. Adjustable, organized and constrained library with fresh UI.

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Android UI kit

Android mobile library for Figma based on components and compatible with Material design guidelines. Consists of 140 reusable application templates paginated to 15+ popular categories.

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