Dashboard templates

Figma UI kits and design systems suitable for complex desktop web applications

Panda Design System

Panda is a clean & modern dashboard UI Kit with 80+ desktop templates, where each template is based on the famous world's web apps with proven and familiar UX patterns. Well-named, accurately organized, and customization-ready library for Figma loaded with responsive 1920w dark & light layouts.

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Material Design 3 Figma UI kit

Material Me UI kit is a web-optimized design system with 2600+ variants for 32 components and 220+ ready-to-use app layouts. Based on Material You guidelines, this design system enhanced with Tailwind CSS colors and uses Readex Pro font, which is free and similar to Google Sans.

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Ideate & research with SetGPT

We've launched the alternative ChatGPT clone dedicated to UI designers, UX researchers, writers and indiehackers.

Powered by the latest OpenAI gtp-3.5-turbo model, this free chatbot is the perfect tool for those in need of intelligent and innovative insights, wrapped with a slick UI and sophisticated user experience.

Eclipse UI kit

1100+ variants of 80 components served as Figma dashboard library for data-driven web applications. Powered by auto-layout. Supercharged by Figma's variants. Eclipse UI kit is easy to customize. Contains 74 detailed desktop & mobile templates for a quick start.

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Rome UI kit

250+ components & 30 templates for desktop & mobile apps. Powered by clean and trendy custom guidelines and DM Sans font. Customizable & Adjustable UI kit. 10 popular categories: Analytics, Calendar, Crypto, Ecommerce, Inputs, Kanban, Messenger, Sales, Search, Tables and growing.

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Figma React UI kit

Designed and well-organized in Figma React-based UI toolkit for the web. Optimized for building complex data-dense interfaces for desktop and mobile applications. We carefully translated styles and specs from Figma into the React framework.

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Xela UI kit

1900+ variants of 30 components categories to craft perfectly shaped desktop & mobile apps. Powered by Figma auto-layout, modern styleguides and free Nunito Sans font. Customizable & adjustable dashboard design system with 50+ ready-to-use app layouts. You can modify them or use as it is to never design from scratch.

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Material–X UI kit

Thousands of components & modern app templates beyond Material Design. Suit your mobile or desktop app with detailed & reusable patterns based on styled-components from the nearest future. Organized, labeled and powered by trendy styleguides.

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Material Desktop

Figma dashboard UI kit which based on reusable dashboard patterns carefully handpicked from the most successful apps. It contains scalable and constrained components, dark and light templates and properly organized.

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Material Design 2

Material design library for Figma is based on 100% guidelines compliance and contains an impressive amount of scalable and constrained components to accelerate the application development in both of light & dark interfaces.

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S8 Modular UI kit

This Figma design system is based on modular principles and dedicated to design mobile and desktop responsive apps by reusing the same components and instances. Adjustable, organized and constrained library with fresh UI.

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Ocean Enterprise

OE Figma design system for Enterprise helps large companies to design consistent and clear apps. Adjustable and well-organized UI library based on Figma's auto-layout. OE is aimed to boost the team's speed and save costs.

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Neolex UI kit

Neolex design system is easy-to-use dashboard library for Figma made of components & instances. Crafted with attention to naming and constraints. Build web apps faster by reusing included popular dashboard patterns.

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