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The biggest material design kit ever made for Figma. Thousand of perfectly crafted UI components & 120+ app templates

Figma Material Design

Material Design Card Template
Material Design App Bars List design
Material Design Chips Cards Search Components
Material Design Dark theme
Material Design Font Pair Styles
Material Design Buttons Inputs Text fields UI
Material Design Typography
Material Design Desktop Template
Scalable and adjustable components with resizing constraints set

Material components

Use Roboto & Red Hat Display fonts for better product design

Paired Typography

Customize fonts, colors, shadows and other styles on-the-fly

Global styleguides

Based on the latest material guidelines with dark mode

Dark & Light themes

1000+ of material components · Full preview

Based on 100% guidelines compliance and contains an impressive amount of scalable and constrained components to accelerate the application development
Material design system templates
Material design buttons templates
Material design chips templates
Material design text fields templates
Material design list templates
Material design menu templates
Material design app bar templates
Material design navigation templates
Material design backdrop templates
Material design bottom nav templates
Material design cards templates
Material design dialogs templates
Material design expansion panel templates
Material design grid templates
Material design slider templates
Material design onboarding templates
Material design picker templates
Material design selection templates
Material design sheets templates
Material design steppers templates
Material design tables templates
Material design tabs templates
Material Design System architecture allows you to interact with all the small elements faster by retouching Master component. Position, Scale, Stroke and everything under your control for quick modifying the system


Components-driven iOS design system for effective and rapid customization
Use full power of Figma instances by toggling between predefined states and styles via "Instance" menu through the system. Apply any of visual changes to the master-component to spread it to all sub-elements

Boosted by Instances

Components-driven iOS design system for effective and rapid customization
Application bars, Backdrops, Bottom navigation, Buttons, Cards, Chips, Dialogs, Expandable panels, Image grids, Lists, Menus, Navigation drawers, Onboarding layouts, Selection, Pickers, Sheets, Tables, Tabs and Text fields & 1000+ material icons (Scale & Center separated constraints)

Quickstart with Figma material library

Material Design Library for Figma
Pick an Individual or Business license
Material Design Library
Figma library of 120 mobile layouts crafted with 1000+ material components based on latest guidelines · Preview
Material Dashboard UI kit
Figma library of 48 reusable dashboard templates made of constrained components. Based on popular apps · Preview
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Get Material Design library & Dashboard UI kit bundle discounted. Create clear & usable web applications faster in Figma

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We help startups, designers and developers to save time and resources

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Onsite request with feedback
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Questions and Answers
How to start with this design system?
After the successful purchase via Gumroad (it's safe and encrypted) you will be taken to a download page. You will also get the download link in your email (check the SPAM folder sometimes). Then just simply drag and drop .FIG file onto your Figma app. Do not drop it onto the project. Drop it over the starting screen with recent projects grid.
I am new to Figma. Should I try your kits?
Definitely! Our products help customers who learning Figma from scratch. By exploring and studying commercial UI kits you learn how the components and layouts were crafted, which styles being used and which styling tricks have been applied.
How to import your kits?
Which license type should I choose?
You must select the proper license type according to the number of users in Figma if you're purchasing our product for the business.

Business license — for startups or enterprise organizations to use for a local team or publish in Figma library
Individual license — for freelancers, indie developers, or solopreneurs working on a single project
Can I build commercial projects with your products?
Yes! You can build an unlimited amount of commercial projects using Setproduct assets. But, please, consider a license type before making a purchase.
I have a project. Can I hire you?
We're open-minded to your custom design & development projects. We can create complex templates based on our Figma libraries and code them in React / Angular / Vue or Flutter.

If you have a project to design & develop, simply contact us describing your brief, budget (we charge $60+ hourly), and expectations.