Figma Landing Pages Library & Templates

Figma library with 100+ web design blocks. Based on constrained & organized components and aimed to produce efficient websites.
Figma web design kit to create colorful, trendy and inspiring pages

106+ blocks with web design ideas

Figma Landing Pages templates
Colors and Fonts are easy to customize. Apply your guidelines and start

Customizable colors and styles

Every UI item is labeled, constrained and scalable to any resolution

Will-organized and constrained

Figma Landing Pages templates
Two variants available for every template to build responsive websites

Mobile and desktop layouts

Figma Landing Pages templates
Figma Landing Pages templates

Web design templates to produce websites faster

Contains 100+ web blocks and 18 full-page landing page templates to create trendy, colorful & inspiring websites with no hassle.

Preview 100+ web blocks

Headers, Covers, Hero Images, Features, Mockups, Isometric Previews, Features, Subscription Forms, FAQ, Testimonials, Pricing Plans, Application Blocks, Promotion Blocks, Image Grids, Cards, Footers and others

Including mobile viewports

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Pay once & use forever this well-crafted Figma landing pages library to design websites 3x faster.
Figma Landing Pages UI kit
Landing pages templates library based on constrained & organized components aimed to speed-up the production of effective websites. Preview in Figma →
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Recommended for designing websites, landing pages and presentations based on HQ web design templates.
Included: Landing Pages kit + Web Design kit
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