Figma Charts & Infographics UI kit

Figma graphs library made of components which is loaded with 150+ chart templates for all viewports and the dark theme supported.
Total amount of Graphs
including all resolutions and two color themes

150+ scalable charts templates

Figma Charts & Infographics UI kit
Replace with your data. Detach, transform and modify any chart item

Easy to edit and ready to use

Each chart cloned and styled into a Dark mode. So, you have a choice

Dark & light themes

Figma Charts & Infographics UI kit
Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Scaled to every screen size in advance

Ready for all the viewports

Figma Charts & Infographics UI kit
Figma Charts & Infographics UI kit

For dashboards, analytics, presentations and cases where to design the data

Contains the most common data visualization patterns from simple bar charts to complicated heatmaps and financial candlesticks

Preview 150+ templates

Matrix charts, Treemaps, Bullet charts, Distribution, Financial, Cohort charts, Gantt, Hexbin, Radar charts, Polar, Sankey, Histograms, Horizontal & Vertical bars, Heatmaps, Pie charts, Labeled bars, Line & Wave charts, Bubble graphs and more

For desktop, tablet and mobile. All the viewports!

We carefully scaled each chart component to fit perfect on Desktop 1440px, Tablet 1024 and mobile 360 width. No headache — charts are ready to use.

Charts UI design widgets for Figma - Hexbin
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Pay once & use forever this well-crafted Figma Charts UI kit to visualise the data 3x faster.
Figma Charts UI kit
Components-driven graphs design kit for dashboards, presentations, infographics & data visualisation. Includes 25+ charts types for all the viewports. Preview in Figma →
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Lite version contains basic charts widgets and image previews to represent capabilities of full chart templates.

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