Production Gantt chart

Production or Gantt chart is a popular type of bar chart that displays a list of tasks or activities against time

The Gantt chart is one of the most used organizational tools for project management, where the list of assignments with their duration over time is indicated.

Simply put, the Gantt chart shows you what has to be completed (the assignments) and when (the schedule).
Gantt Charts are drawn inside a table: activities are indicated in the rows and the timescale is shown in columns. The period of each task is indicated by the length of a bar plotted along this timescale. The start and the end of the bar indicate the beginning and the finishing of the task.

In addition, the cumulative tasks, indicators of the sequence and dependencies of work, percentages of completion, marks of milestones, and so forth can be marked on the diagram. In order to display the percentage of fulfillment of a task, a certain bar can be shaded differently or its opacity can be changed.

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