Scatter plot chart

Scatter plot helps to display values from 2 variables by using points

A scatter plot is a data visualization method that uses Cartesian coordinates to display the relationship between two variables. The information in the scatter plot is displayed with the use of points, where each point has one variable's value defining the position on the X-axis and other variable's value defining the position on the Y-axis.

Several types of correlation are known that can be interpreted using scatter plot patterns. They include: positive (values increase together), negative (if one value increases then the other value decreases), linear, null (no correlation), U-shaped, and exponential.
Lines or curves are fitted within the graph to aid in the analysis and are drawn as close to all the points as possible and to show how all the points condensed into one line would look.

Lines or curves located within the graph to aid in the analysis, and drawn as close as possible to all points to display how all points were brought together in one line. This is usually called the line of best fit and is widely used for estimation using interpolation.

Scatterplots are perfect when you have combined numerical information and you need to check whether one variable affects the other.

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