Sunburst chart

A Sunburst Diagram helps to visualize hierarchical data

The Sunburst diagram is a visualization tool for the analysis of any data: sales, purchases, inventories. It allows visualizing a huge amount of hierarchical data by the series of rings, sliced up for each category. Each ring relates to a level in the hierarchy, with the focal circle playing the role of the root node and the hierarchy moving outwards from it.
Rings are divided with respect to their hierarchical relationship to the parent. The angle of every slice is either divided equally within its parent slice or is proportional to a value.

Coloring helps to categorize or highlight multiple levels.

A section of the internal circle is hierarchically related to those areas of the external circle which exist within the angular sweep of the parent area.

If there is no hierarchical data, a sunburst diagram looks like a doughnut chart. Nevertheless, a sunburst chart with hierarchical groupings displays how the outer rings relate to the inner rings.

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