Figma iOS UI kit

Figma iOS design system based on trusted and popular mobile patterns, collected from famous and successful apps. Loaded with 240+ templates.
Swap between the native or custom style. Apply your styleguides faster

550+ material components

Figma iOS UI kit with Mobile app templates
Best practices from the most successful apps included in this kit

240+ Reusable app templates

Named, organized and constrained iOS library to skip the pixel routine

Organized to design faster

Figma iOS UI kit with Mobile app templates
Few theming variants available for every dark and light iOS layouts

Light and dark themes

Figma iOS UI kit with Mobile app templates
Figma iOS UI kit with Mobile app templates

Well-styled Figma library to design iOS apps faster

Ready to use Figma templates for mobile apps design. A variety of styles available for each screen. Dark & Light themes. All the layouts are easy to customize.

Preview 400+ components

Navigation bars, Bottom bars, Text fields, Selection controls, Icons, Buttons, Cards, Lists, Dialogs, Graphs, Social components, Datepickers, Empty states, Engagement, Filtering, Bottom sheets, Pickers and more

iOS Figma components - text fields
iOS Figma components - buttons
iOS Figma components - pickers
iOS Figma components - tab bars
iOS Figma components - dialogs modals
iOS Figma components - filtering
iOS Figma components - calendars
iOS Figma components - charts
iOS Figma components - sheets
iOS Figma components - navigation bars
iOS Figma components - empty states
iOS Figma components - segmented controls
iOS Figma components - lists
iOS Figma components - social
iOS Figma components - cards

Preview 240+ iOS layouts

Authentication, Cards layouts, Comments, Date selection, Filtering patterns, Home screens, Inputs combinations, Launch screens, Lists, Maps, Messages, Navigation, Profile, Subscription plans, Search, Settings, PIN input, Registration, Bottom sheets, Grids, Charts statistics, Data tables

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Figma iOS kit
Figma library of iOS patterns served as ready-made templates. This UI kit inspired by World's best apps. Based on Human Interface guidelines. Preview in Figma →
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Newest Full iOS kit
Figma mobile design system with 320 app layouts at the ready. Contains variety of screens based on Apple's design guidelines + custom themes. Preview in Figma →
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