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Figma UI kit with responsive desktop templates & mobile

Figma design system

Figma iOS design system logo
Figma design system - File manager template
Figma design system - File manager mobile app
Figma design system - Chart templates
Figma design system - Chart templates
Stop creating from scratch the same UI items. Use our Figma templates to skip a pixel routine
Figma design systems for designers
Made for designers
Our Figma components help to make beautiful apps. Get better at UX and hi-fi prototyping
Figma design systems for developers
For developers
Teams get more consistent in design & development. Save costs and release products faster!
Figma design systems for organizations
For organizations
Build scalable web applications by using the same components

Mobile & Desktop templates

Design System for Figma with mobile and desktop templates
Neolex library includes wide range of HQ constrained UI elements

250 components and 80+ layouts

Each component and template crafted with attention to 8dp indents

Figma UI library based on 8dp grid

Design System 8dp Material Guidelines
Includes clear and reusable UX patterns for your next serious project

With ready to use UX patterns

Design System for Figma with templates
Components for Figma design system
We released dark theme for Neolex and it's available as independent Figma library

Dark theme available


400+ UI design items in following categories: Accordions, Buttons, Text styles Montserrat & Encode Sans, Inputs, Lists, Selection, Sliders, Tables, Tabs and others

UI kit preview


Authentication / Registration, E-commerce, Blogs & Posts, Social, User Profile, Media, Dashboards, Application Settings, Navigation, Pricing Plans, File Manager

50+ mobile layouts


Frequent and usable UX patterns served as scalable and adjustable dashboard templates. Use as it is for your project, or customize according to a design mission.

25+ desktop layouts


Neolex Design System helps to design responsive & effective web applications by using the same components and instances.

Mobile & Desktop patterns to reuse

Figma dashboard templates - Desktop & Mobile apps
Components-based approach allows you to adjust & customize this kit by retouching master-components only. Position, Scale, Corners, Stroke and everything under your control.

Powered by components

Components-driven iOS design system for effective and rapid customization
Figma dashboard library is properly named and grouped. Each component comes with proper constraints set. You will discover a lot of reusable UI elements and templates.

Organized Dashboard UI kit

Get started
with Neolex UI kit
Perfectly designed Figma components & templates to create rich & usable apps
Mobile & Desktop templates
Starting from $98
Customizable & adjustable dashboard design system with 50+ ready-to-use app layouts, 1900+ variants for 30 components with auto-layout.

Preview in Figma
Buy a full package
Starting from $116
We've included 2 themes of components & templates.
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Questions and Answers
How to start with this design system?
After the successful purchase via Gumroad (it's safe and encrypted) you will be taken to a download page. You will also get the download link in your email (check the SPAM folder sometimes). Then just simply drag and drop .FIG file onto your Figma app. Do not drop it onto the project. Drop it over the starting screen with recent projects grid.
I am new to Figma. Should I try your kits?
Definitely! Our products help customers who learning Figma from scratch. By exploring and studying commercial UI kits you learn how the components and layouts were crafted, which styles being used and which styling tricks have been applied.
How to import your kits?
Which license type should I choose?
You must select the proper license type according to the number of users in Figma if you're purchasing our product for the business.

Business license — for startups or enterprise organizations to use for a local team or publish in Figma library
Individual license — for freelancers, indie developers, or solopreneurs working on a single project
Can I build commercial projects with your products?
Yes! You can build an unlimited amount of commercial projects using Setproduct assets. But, please, consider a license type before making a purchase.
I have a project. Can I hire you?
We're open-minded to your custom design & development projects. We can create complex templates based on our Figma libraries and code them in React / Angular / Vue or Flutter.

If you have a project to design & develop, simply contact us describing your brief, budget (we charge $60+ hourly), and expectations.