Web design templates

Figma resources aimed to design landing pages and websites without a headache

Zeus UI kit

Zeus UI is a multipurpose web design system to create hassle-free landing pages in Figma. Based on 10 landing page templates, powered by 1600+ variants for 16 components and 630+ wireframe blocks. Equipped with free fonts which are hosted at Google fonts.

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Website Templates

Figma web design kit includes most popular website patterns. Contains dark & light constrained design blocks. Fits together like a puzzle. A serious collection of trendy and frequent web design patterns for creation HQ pages.

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Ideate & research with SetGPT

We've launched the alternative ChatGPT clone dedicated to UI designers, UX researchers, writers and indiehackers.

Powered by the latest OpenAI gtp-3.5-turbo model, this free chatbot is the perfect tool for those in need of intelligent and innovative insights, wrapped with a slick UI and sophisticated user experience.

Levitate UI kit

Figma 3D scene builder & Presentation templates library. Aimed to design eye-catching websites, presentations, print materials, etc. Rendered in 3DsMax + VRay. Ready to use and perfectly organized.

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Web design UI kit

Web UI kit for Figma based on constrained & organized components used to produce effective websites. This asset contains a variety of web design creative ideas to save your time on prototyping from scratch.

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